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"Flying has always been my passion. FRAS allowed me to realized the dream, live been flying with FRAS since 2010, first as a student pilot and later, as a Private Pilot.

I have since attended two airshows with FRAS as exhibitor (LIMA 11' & 13') and undertook several navigation flights.

The club's management and instructors and extremely competend, professional and friendly. I am constantly in good hands with the club."

Alvin Phua Kia Jong


"FRAS Flying Club offers high quality training in a professional manner while still maintaining the friendly and fun atmosphere of a flying club! I completed my Pilot license with FRAS Flying Club which also provides me the opportunity to have the experience on Night Flying that gives me a little more edge in flying.

Training provided at FRAS Flying Club is unparalleled by any flight School in the country. The Quality of training and customer service at FRAS Flying Club is second to none and I always found the staff and Instructors at FRAS Flying Club to be of the highest calibre.

I completed all of my Flight Training at FRAS Flying Club - I found the friendliness and professionalism of the staff to be refreshing, and indeed the flexibility of my personalized training programme allowed me to complete all my training while continuing in full-time employment as a consultant in the Pro-Audio industry."

Thank you FRAS Flying Club.
With Best Regards

Dr Ace Yip


"I can confidently say that I had made the right decision choosing FRAS Flying Club for my flight training. Having highly competent and experienced instructors who will continuously deliver the required knowledge and piloting skills, I had benefit throughout every of my flying lesson that will prepare me to be a good and safe pilot.

Plus, I am very pleased with the club admin staffs who were very helpful and willing to go extra mile for their members training progression and recreational activities. This is the place where I get to know people from different walks of life who share the same one and only passion, and that is flying."

Abdul Haffiz Bin Abdul Aleem
IT Engineer


"I have always envy piloting since I was young.How the aircraft floats in the air is a mystery till I joined FRAS as a member. I have joined FRAS since 2011 and every day of training is an honor for me. The instructors are down to earth and always on hand to provide any help whenever the need arises.

I am confident the training with FRAS would make me a competent, knowledgeable and a safe pilot."

Muhammad Fadhil Bin Abdul Kader
Test Technician



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