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  SAFETY PILOT COURSE 13 years old and above  

1. Would you like your Partner to be able to Land the Aircraft Safely in an Emergency?

- We have developed an exciting new course to give non - pilots the basics of flying, and how to help in the event of an emergency or even just to feel comfortable knowing a little more about flying an aircraft.

2. Safety Pilot Course

- The course is designed to give friends or partners of light aircraft pilots a better understanding of the aircraft and its controls.

- We have taken care to make this course as simple as possible and to demonstrate how easily a non-pilot can take the controls and safely land the aircraft. After successfully completing the course we expect that you will feel more comfortable about both flying in general and how you would be able to help in an emergency.

- The course is also designed to teach the student to fly the aircraft in Straight Level and Level Flight, to make Turns, Climb, Descend, fly a Circuit and Land, to effectively ask for assistance on the radio ( no medical or test required ).

3. Safety Pilot Course



1.5 hours
Effect of Controls
1.0 hour


Straight and Level
1.0 hour


Level Turn
1.0 hour
Climbing and Descending
1.0 hour
Safe Landing
1.0 hour


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